About us

A mission of the Okrašlovací spolek (Beautifying Society) is a development of the Smidary region. The Beautifying Society is concerned with: restoring historical heritage and culturally significant sights in the region, caring for the environment, developing and preserving local traditions, and broadening the local community’s horizons

We mobilize financial resources, materials and volunteers in order to achieve small scale change directly through our projects. The Beautifying Society is participant-oriented and our activities have a form of self-help projects. All projects are in line with the development strategy of the Town of Smidary.

The Beautifying Society derives its name from a historical predecessor which was founded in 1886. The Beautifying Society in today’s form was reestablished in March 2007 and currently has 29 members.


All those involved in our activities are volunteers who want to help in their leisure time. However, our organization is highly professional.

Board of directors

MUDr. Ambrož Homola, Ph.D - head
Ing. Ondřej Havlíček – member
Mgr. Vilém Zábranský, Ph.D – member
Bc. Anna Hušková – member
Bc. Richard Zábranský – member

Okrašlovací spolek Smidarska, o.s.
Náměstí Profesora Babáka 106, 503 53 Smidary
email: okraslovaci.spolek@seznam.cz